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VOA article and full interview about my book and life story – In Albanian

It was a pleasure being in the VOA studios here in Washington DC on Sunday 12 February for an interview with Keida Kostreci, the well respected journalist and anchor of the news program Ditari. We spoke about the book and... Continue Reading →

‘Make 2017 the year of the internally displaced,’- my blog for IDMC

I wrote this piece for the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center on the plight of IDPs, the vital need to understand their stories and help them before it reaches a crisis point. Focusing on refugees, albeit badly, but ignoring IPDs is... Continue Reading →

‘You belong to Joseph Kony’ – My latest for African Arguments

On Dominic Ongwen's case at the ICC with a short excerpt from the book illustrating how many child soldiers - likely including Ongwen - made their entry into the LRA: against their will and covered in blood. Full piece.

My interview with ‘International Justice Tribune’

My thoughts on the Ongwen case at the ICC. In short, it is a complicated case that underlines the tragedy that this long conflict has been for many. More here.

Excellent Book Review in The Spectator

'But at core it’s a superb narrative of one man’s nightmarish descent into a world of depravity, overseen by an omnipotent tyrant cloaking supreme selfishness and savagery in the garb of religious mysticism.' Full review  

Great book review in The Conversation

I was very happy to see this excellent review by Professor Stephen Chan of SOAS in The Conversation, referring to the 'When the Walking Defeats You' as one of the best books of 2016.  

My article with Paul Ronan in the Washington Post

Paul and I argue that the US Special Forces in the anti-LRA ops have a crucial role to play in dismantling the LRA regardless of the degree of Ugandan army involvement. "With Kony’s increasingly erratic and brutal leadership alienating many... Continue Reading →

My BBC article on Ongwen’s case at the ICC

"The former Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) fighter is the first former child soldier to face charges at the ICC. He has been charged with 70 counts of crimes against humanity and war crimes, including attacks against civilians, torture, sexual and gender-based... Continue Reading →

Book Excerpt In Vice – What It Was Like to Be Joseph Kony’s Bodyguard

Vice ran two small passages from the book. I thought the whole thing with photos and the book cover was nicely done. When researching the book, this particular quote from Kony stuck with me. I am glad Vice people thought... Continue Reading →

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