The Guardian ran an excerpt from When the Walking Defeats You. The first two paragraphs:

“Kony divided the 800 men, women and children bound for CAR into four groups. Sam’s group, which included George, travelled with Kony, often doubling as his security. George was happy to stay in Sam’s unit but the walk was as terrible as ever. Perpetually tired, sore, hungry and thirsty, he thought of nothing but rest, food and water. The only distraction from the hunger was the intense ache of his shoulders sagging under the heavy weight of the goods he carried.

He was genuinely worried about staying alive as people around him dropped like flies. It was even worse for Congolese civilians, who were killed each time the fighters came across them during the journey. The usual excuse was that the Congolese could inform the army of the LRA’s whereabouts if left alive, but George thought that it really made little difference what the Congolese would do if set free. Everyone in his group was too focused on their own survival to contemplate anything but walking and finding food and water. Killing seemed normal, another act in the struggle to stay alive.”

The rest can be found here.